Friday, December 11, 2015

Anonymous Art Show for Charity

A few months ago Kelly from The Frame & Art Co told me about the idea of an "Anonymous Art Show" which artist, Corrie Scott had come up with. I personally thought it was a fantastic idea and was excited for the show. My excitement grew further when Kelly asked about involving the Know Me Love Me Foundation. The Know Me Love Me Foundation aims to give needy children the chance to receive an education and have the tools to be able to do so. The charity delivers backpacks full of educational materials to children in Africa, Haiti and Barbados who cannot purchase them.

Learn more about the KMLM Charity and how you can donate here

Over 100 original paintings created in diverse styles and subject matters were  featured on 12” x 12” canvases to be sold anonymously. The artist remains a mystery, until after the purchase. Art pieces were created by notable Barbadian artists such as Hilary Armstrong, Heather Dawn Scott, Heidi Berger and Corrie Scott. Art is such a beautiful thing and I was draw to a number of pieces - some very different from the others. The first two pieces I hurried to purchase were quickly swept up but I was ecstatic to learn that the piece I got was by Heather Dawn Scott. A few of my favourites by Julianne Gill, Tanya Foster, Heather Meyer and Sophie Thomas quickly were revealed as the red dots were placed. 

Photos by The Frame & Art Co and LDB. 

I am also extremely excited to announce that I will be launching my own charity in January for hearing impaired children in Barbados. I cannot wait to share more information with you all! 


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