Friday, November 6, 2015

L'atelier de Sophie

A few weeks ago I visited Sophie Domenge of L'atelier de Sophie at her beautiful home. The whole experience was incredibly inspiring. I left with grand ideas of painting the interior of my house white, changing out cushions and adding flowy curtains to all the windows. Sophie was the most kind hostess and it felt more like a visit with a friend than an interview for the blog. She gave me a tour of the house and I was enchanted - the house had an energy which cannot be explained. The house, designed by architect Ian Morrison ( one of my favourite Barbadian architects ) felt like a chic tree house. Sophie's design aesthetic only further compliments the architecture of this home.    

This space is on the lower level and just off of the guest bedroom. I love the open plan living of the home and would love to lounge in this cozy space with a  book and a cup of tea.     

The Living Room is filled with new and old pieces. I am in love with everything about this open plan space but especially the hanging bench and the re purposed cane chairs.

I have to admit that I lost my notes from my meeting and am going on memory alone for this blog post. I am struggling as I write this because there is no way to put into words the wonder that is this home. It truly is a testament to her taste and includes both new and old pieces with every room telling a story. "It is so simple to build a room with new things. If you are looking for someone who will buy a sofa and the matching chairs - this is not me." Sophie started doing interiors a little over a year ago and has since worked on a few private homes and a Port St. Charles apartment. Visit her NEW website and check out her amazing portfolio to see more!  

"If I had to describe my style in four words it would have to be; eclecticorganicsimple and practical. Less is always more in my case.  Practicality also is hugely important in my design - it needs to function. The marriage between comfort, style and functionality is a beautiful one!"  

Along with interiors L'atelier de Sophie creates bespoke furniture, re purposes old pieces and creates custom artwork. Stay tuned on the blog to see more of Sophie's portfolio and learn more about her design services. Until then visit her on Facebook and take a look at her new Website.     


  1. Superb Space! I love everything about it. It look so fresh and relaxing.
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