Friday, November 27, 2015

Home Office

I have been working from home for a few years now and while I love the freedom I do encounter some challenges. In the past few months I had noticed that I was slightly "stuck" and find it to focus while working from home. I even read over my blog post on Tips for working from home in an attempt to get motivated but I was still struggling. I have been obsessing over Home Offices for the life of my blog and decided that my space needs a little pick me up. I made a few changes which made a huge difference. The biggest expense was the addition to my desk. I had a desk built which I put next to my current "Parsons Style Desk" to form a L Shaped unit. This provided me with much needed counter space and extra storage. I also got bamboo blinds from Walkers World, updated my inspiration boards as well as framed them and lastly brought some plants in from outside. 

I am not sure if it was a mental thing or if the changes inspired me but I have found it much easier to work from my office since and I am back on track with my Working from Home checklist. I still enjoy burning Voluspa candles and listening to Norah Jones while I work. I have also found a new playlist on YouTube entitled " Best Piano Instrumental Music for Studying and Work" which I listen to for hours on end. 

This close up of my inspiration board showcases logo options for my NEW CHARITY ( Stay tuned for details!)  as well as positive quotes and inspiring photos.

Above my desk I have a smaller inspiration board which has some Fashion & Travel Inspiration, one of my favourite quotes, my Simpson Creative logo and a list of 50 Scripture verses on worry - which I often need to revert to on a daily basis! 


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