Friday, November 20, 2015

Gallery Wall

I love a Gallery Wall and have blogged about them a few times here. I have been meaning to create one at The Cottage for a while now and when I came across and all the fabulous artwork and prints they have I was instantly inspired. I was a bit hesitant at first ordering online and shipping to Barbados but they arrived in 3 days and in perfect condition. I used 5 prints from them and then framed one of my Instagram shots from the "Only in Barbados" exhibiton as well as a gold foil Barbados print from The Frame and Art Gallery. See below my Step-by-step DIY guide on how to create your own gallery wall!

1. Get inspired ! 
I have spent years on Pinterest pinning interiors inspiration and even have a whole board dedicated to Gallery walls so the inspiration part was easy. 

2. Choose your prints

I visited Minted and chose about 15 that I liked. I then used a program on their website which allows you to position the prints and see them together on a wall. After this I narrowed it down to 5. The other two were pieces that I had previously.

3. Lay them out 

I chose the spot I wanted to hang them in and then put together different options for layout on my carpet in front. See more prints from Minted here

4. Mock it up 
I traced the shape of the frames onto paper from the stationary store and then cut out the shapes. 

5. Take a break and smile for a photo :) 

6. Hammer & Hang

I stuck my paper on the wall in the position I wanted it and then hammered some nails into the wall. Unfortunately I had to change up my layout a little bit to line up with the studs in the walls. 

The process was a little more challenging than anticipated but after a little help we managed to put it together. I am already eyeing some more pieces from Minted so another Gallery Wall may be in my future.

Design friends - What are your thoughts on the blue feature wall? I am kind of over it now and thinking to paint it back white and changing out my cushions to black and white. I would love your feedback! 


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