Friday, September 18, 2015

Swagg Restaurant

A few weeks ago I was invited to visit the new Swagg restaurant located in the South Beach Hotel on the South Coast. I live on the South and was very excited to hear of a new restaurant being opened. I wasn't sure what to expect but had checked out the menu on their Facebook page and was very impressed with the dishes and eager to try some of them. One of my best friends accompanied me and upon arrival we were warmly greeted by the manager, Cheryl Ann. She offered us the option to dine outside or inside but we opted for indoors so we could enjoy the air conditioning - Barbados has been super hot recently! 

Codfish Yam Balls

After talking far too much and reviewing the menu we decided upon our dishes. I opted for the Calamari to start and Merls had the Spicy Grilled Prawn Salad.  Her dish was so beautifully presented that I couldn't help but try some. It was light and refreshing and the prawns were fab. As for my calamari - you can't go wrong with fried seafood! For our main courses we enjoyed the Thai Seafood dish and Shrimp linguini. The Thai Seafood dish had mahi mahi, shrimp and calamari which was made so special by the delicious Thai Coconut sauce - I will definitely be going back for this dish again! The shrimp linguine had in sautéed shrimp, fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, red onions and capers in a white wine cream sauce. I try to minimize my intake of carbs but this dish was definitely worth the extra cardio the morning after - a definite must have for pasta lovers. 

Swagg Salad

We were too full for desert but the menu included sweet treats such as warm coconut bread pudding, homemade banana and coconut bread as well as Grand Marnier Creme Brûlée. 

Bread Pudding

I chatted with co-owner Kristina and she explained to me the concept behind Swagg. Their goal with the restaurant is to achieve a reflection of the name they chose. S W  A  G G: “mostly known as style…a unique part of what makes you different than the other players in a cool way” (Urban Dictionary). With this in mind they aim for Stylish Dining and Sensible Pricing. It is evident to me that they accomplished this and more. The outdoor dining space was casual yet chic and the indoor dining space was a mix of contemporary and traditional elements. I loved the acrylic chairs which reminded me of a modern twist on the iconic Phillip Starck Ghost chair. The chairs were unexpectedly paired with traditional mahogany tables which were accented with bright placemats and trendy flatware.

Learn more about Swagg by visiting their Facebook page


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