Friday, July 17, 2015

New York Bound

As I sit here on the plane I am both excited and a little anxious. In the past I have done a lot of traveling but in the past year those travels have been limited to Antigua. I am on my way to New York for BlogHer conference, the last time I visited was in 2012 for Blogfest on Design. I have incredibly fond memories of that trip and made a lot of blogger friends. I hope that this trip I can be a little more outgoing and make some new connections. 

Things have been incredibly busy the past few weeks but I managed to make a little time in between to do a little research and put together a loose itinerary for my free days. When looking over my list most of my plans seem to be centered around food with a little sightseeing and shopping on the side. 

I took this photo on my last trip opposite Bryant Park.

Upon arrival I plan to do a little work, have brunch close to the hotel – The Hilton in Midtown and then wander around to Bryant Park, Times Square and a few shops. The opening night of the conference is Thursday and while I already have my outfits planned out I still hope to find some new pieces. 

While I have been to both Central Park and Times Square before I feel like these are two things you must do when in NYC and I have been playing with the idea of riding in Central Park. The reality is that I will probably be a whole lot less glamorous than some of the bloggers I follow on Instagram and I can visualize myself crashing as I try to get the perfect “natural” shot! 

Some of the restaurants on my list are Natsumi Sushi, Balthazar, Le Pain Quotidien, Magnolia Bakery and Laduree. Shops include basics such as H&M as well as Jonathan Adler, Tory Burch on Madison and Bergdorf Goodman.  We had booked to Gigi on Broadway and it was cancelled so deciding on another show (suggestions welcome) Lastly I hope to have time to visit the Metropolitan Musuem of Art

I would love to hear some of your favorite bits of New York and if you have any suggestions! Xo

P.S I am posting this from the plane using Jet Blue Fly -Wi! 


  1. Tash you should go to ABC Kitchen for lunch, so delish!

  2. Blue Ribbon sushi in SoHo! Honestly some of the best sushi I've ever had :)
    Also, Murray's Bagels in Chelsea, Le Pain Quotidien on the corner of 58th St & 7th Ave for delicious coffee and nibbles and the rooftop bar in The Standard Hotel (Though I'm sure there will be lots of outdoor bars now that it's summer!
    Have a great time! :)

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