Friday, March 13, 2015

Subella London

Over the weekend I had the pleasure  of meeting with the lovely Susen of Subella London as well as Creative Director Anna Nicholas and Chris Browne of Fashionable Photography UK. I fell in love with Anna's work when she visited Barbados last year to shoot some fantastic Polo inspired Fashion Shoots. While we chatted about many things over drinks at Lime Bar the main focus was Susen and her amazing Subella London handbags. 

Susen is the daughter of a top Chinese industrialist family. She has always had a fascination with fashion, in particular bags and accessories. She has a keen eye on what is trending in fashion and strives to combine the best materials and timeless design, whilst maintained a reasonable price point. In talking to Susen her passion for fashion was evident. Susen is committed to her dream of creating handbags and accessories with that "WOW Factor", that women instantly fall in love with. Susen is seen below on the beach in Barbados with her "Pearly Queen" bag from the spectacular hand embellished Subella London Vintage collection. 

Susen is the driving force and visionary for each design, looking for unique combinations and Kid leathers which are all organically and ethically sourced in Italy, where she believes that the Italian leather craft is the very best. Her team of designers takes her vision and brief and turns them into a reality. Susan personally sources the best artisans to hand make her bags and accessories ensuring their suburb quality and craftsmanship. 

I absolutely fell in love with this video on the Subella London website and had to share. The whole process is incredibly beautiful and the immense amount of pride and commitment by the artisans is evident in creating these timeless bags. 

My Subella London handbag Faves - "Old London"

Learn more about Subella London and shop their collection on their website


Subella out and about in Barbados! 

Ina Nokaj and Emma Hutson posing at Polo - Barbados Open Tournament at Apes Hill on Sunday. 

These two stylish ladies at polo loved the Subella handbags! 


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