Friday, May 22, 2015

Life as I know it : Bits of Barbados

Over the weekend I took a drive with my Mum from the South Coast through Bridgetown, along the West Coast and ended in Speightstown. Along the way I stopped to take photos of some of the sights and beaches. I drive to Speightstown about twice a month but have my eyes on the road more than anything else. Mum drove and I was able to look out the window and truly appreciate the beauty. Every so often when I really think about it I see how blessed I am to live on my beautiful island - Barbados. See some of my photos below and stay tuned for part 2 of my island tour. 

I passed some older gentleman at a small fishing area playing dominoes to take some photos of the beach and when I looked to my left I saw these two beauties playing in the surf. It was so nice to see them as they ran excitedly from the waves. 

Next up was this bright orange building down a one-way road in Speightstown. I loved the combination of the distressed doors and bright orange wall. 

I have taken a photo of this boat before and always look for it as it carries the name " De Timothy". One of my best friends who passed a few years ago was named Timothy and every time I see this boat I think of him. For the first time I actually met the owner of the boat and got to chat with him a bit. He let me know that "De Timothy" would be on the water next week ready to catch fish. 

Lastly on our way back to the South Coast we stopped in Sunset Crest for some fresh fruits and vegetables. This vendor was more than happy for me to take her photo! 

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  1. So blessed! I need to take some outfit posts in Speightstown next time i'm there! xo

  2. Love that wall you're standing in front of!