Friday, March 27, 2015

Watch Shopping at The Royal Shop

I have a weakness for nice things - handbags, sunglasses and watches are high on that list. In the past two years I have been living more modestly while trying to grow my business but the time has come to treat myself. I contemplated for quite some time on what kind of watch to purchase and decided to visit The Royal Shop on Broad street. I have been learning more about jewelry from them in the last few months and wanted to take a better look at a Movado timepiece which I featured on my Christmas Gift Guide. I was very impressed with the service and if I had my way I would have purchased both the watches I tried on along with some of the Marco Bicego jewelry! 

I have not made my decision as yet but it is a close race between two gold Movado watches. The one on the left has a smaller face and diamonds all around whereas the other is a bit more masculine and features roman numerals. Comment below and let me know which one you prefer! 

This is a sponsored post by The Royal Shop Barbados. Visit them at either of their two locations or on their Facebook page to see more of their jewelry and timepieces.