Friday, April 17, 2015

Home Tour: Going Green

Interiors are my first love and while I am far more busy than when I started the blog I still like to make time to visit some of my favorite websites and blogs. While browsing on Lonny Mag I came across this home by designer Jennifer Jones of Niche Interiors. What initially caught my attention was the clean lines and simplicity of the space. I became even more interested when I read that the home is eco-friendly and encourages sustainable living. This is something that I have been trying to learn a little more about and Jeniffer is an expert! See more on this contemporary and eco friendly Silicon Valley home on Lonny.

An expert in eco-conscious design, Jones draws on a network of fabricators and suppliers to create custom-made pieces that are greener than anything on the market. But it was the contemporary nature of the homes in Jones’s portfolio that sealed the deal. “They fell in love with the family-friendly neighborhood, but the house itself was more traditional, and their tastes trended modern,” says Jones. The hope was that she would be able to execute a minor miracle on the existing structure, which was rife with arched windows and other neo-Mediterranean details.( Text: Lonny Mag) 


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