Friday, February 6, 2015

New Year - Time to DAZZLE!

I am beyond excited to share with you my first ever magazine cover! When Dazzle editor, Ryan Wills called me I thought he was calling to ask me to write for his magazine. I was beyond shocked when he explained that they were interested in doing a piece on me. I was sure they had made a mistake but at the same time I was very excited and incredibly flattered that they thought I was worthy of their pages. DAZZLE is a bi monthly publication which features young professionals, entrepreneurs, and established businesses. See more of DAZZLE on their Facebook page, view the issue online and stay tuned for the print copy coming soon !

I was so humbled to be featured on the cover. Previous covers have included the incredibly inspiring and successful Matthew "Fewwture" of Dream Real Projects along with equally impressive Amanda Reifer of "Fantasy" the band. 

One of the photos from the spread. See more here .

The whole experience was amazing and included a few firsts for me! I was interviewed by writer Tracy Highland and it was something very different as I am normally on the other end of the interview. Tracy was fantastic and I truly enjoyed sitting down and chatting with her. When I received the first draft of the article I read it and thought "Wow! She is good". 

Behind the scenes photos taken by Zack on my iPhone. 

I also took part in a photo shoot which was shot by Neil Springer at The St. James Hotel. I had my makeup done by Tessa Vaughn and Rotchelle of Pink Lemonade helped me put together some looks with pieces from my closet. To  say I was awkward in front of the camera is an understatement but by some miracle they got some great shots! Thanks to editor Ryan Wills and my love, Zack for helping me to relax and making me laugh.