Friday, January 23, 2015

New Year - More Inspiration

One of the biggest challenges I have faced in getting back on track with the blog has been the content. I do a blog schedule every month but this year I have struggled with finding the perfect content for those topics. I decided the best thing to do was ignore the schedule for a day or two and just share items that speak to me. Today I'm sharing some of my current inspiration from around the internet. 

This image sums up so much of what I love right now. There is something so simple and cool about the photo, the styling and the contents - the hat and beach towel are my faves! 

Simple Interiors 
I have been gravitating to simplicity in life recently and as a result simple white spaces with minimal furniture and accessories hold great appeal. 

Beautiful Desk Tops
Since childhood I have been in love with office supplies and stationery. I blame Lisa Frank for this! My love affair has continued and has become more sophisticated with time but I still love a little whimsy. The Sugar Paper collection from Target is fantastic and the styling and organization of this desk top is perfection. 

Branding & Packaging
I have recently been paying a lot more attention to fonts, logos, branding etc. Voluspa is a line I have loved for a long time and while the scents and candles are fantastic I am sure a lot of the allure lies in the packaging. See more on my Pinterest board : Logo & Branding Love 

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