Friday, January 9, 2015

New Year - Bigger Goals

I have had a bit of a slow start to 2015 with some medical issues but I am finally feeling a bit better and determined to get on track and start tackling my goals. 2014 was an incredible year for me both personally and business wise and has left me craving even more this year. Below I have shared some of my goals with you guys and will be sure to keep you posted over the year of my progress. Follow me on Instagram @lovedesignbdos to see more of what I have been upto! Xo 

1.Get organized & into a routine! 
I have found over the years that I work best when I'm in a routine and have structure. I managed quite well through Christmas but it all went down hill afterwards. My main goal the next two weeks is to get back on track! The first step is organizing my desk and getting all my social media and blog schedules in order. 

2. Enjoy the little things & make time to treat myself. Some of the things that make me happiest are simple pleasures such as Cappuccinos, candles, books and fresh flowers.
3. Balance - Find a reasonable balance between work, friends, family and things that make me happy. I also want to try and entertain more and spend more time with the important people in my life. 

4. Travel - Antigua, New York & a Carribean cruise with my love.   
I have been incredibly fortunate in life to have done lots of traveling to some amazing countries. While I may not have anywhere extremely exotic on my list I am definitely craving luxurious hotel rooms, room service, city lights, Starbucks and Target ( preferably in time for their Lilly Pulitzer collaboration in April.) I am also hoping to attend a bloggers conference or High Point Market. Suggestions welcomed! 

5. Exercise - This is one thing I am terrible at and will be my biggest challenge. I do enjoy yoga so may start small with some yoga classes. I also have a pair of very cool sneakers I bought last year January which have never been worn - I definitely need to use these before they rot! 

5. Buy a great camera and take more photos! I also want to take either a photography course or a graphic design course. 

6. Launch my new business & my new blog. This last one is perhaps the biggest of all and I have been working on both of these projects for quite some time. I cannot wait to share more information about them with you all very soon! 

Comment below and let me know what your goals for the New Year are.