Friday, October 24, 2014

The Royal Shop & Bellarri Jewelry

I love fashion and it is the details which often pull a look together. Shoes, handbags, sunglasses and jewellery can often be the pieces that elevate a look. The Royal Shop has been teaching me a thing or two about jewellery in the past weeks and I was excited to learn about one of their newest lines - Bellarri. Founder and designer; Bellarri Adleman was originally a model and drawing on her knowledge in the field she started Bellarri over 30 years ago. The company originally sold loose stones and gradually evolved to finished pieces. Bellarri Adleman now works with her husband and two children. Together they have grown Bellarri into an international jewellery brand winning numerous awards and becoming a celebrity favourite. While I am partial to simplicity when it comes to jewellery it is hard to deny the beauty and intricacy in the pieces. The Royal Shop carries The Mademoiselle de Paris collection which comprises of stunning "floral" pieces in 18k gold, rhodolite, gemstones, and diamonds. 

While browsing the internet to learn more about her jewellery I was drawn to the Tuscany collection. The collection has a modern feel and the pieces are more simple while still being show stopping. It is obvious why Bellarri is known for their timeless and uniquely one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Comment below and let us know "Which would you add to your bouquet?" 

For those of you who love fashion and jewellery and are looking for a stand out piece I encourage you to visit The Royal Shop. The Royal Shop has two locations; Broad Street or The Bridgetown Port. For my LDB friends outside of Barbados who are planning a trip - The Royal Shop also offers duty free shopping! 

This post is sponsored by The Royal Shop