Friday, November 7, 2014

Simple Bedroom Perfection

Some days blogging comes easier than others, today was one of the more challenging days. I had put on my schedule to post about white and beige fashion and interiors. I spent a long time pinning image after image of the perfect outfit in anticipation of todays post but when I went to put together the post last night and again this morning I wasn't feeling satisfied with it. I decided to scrap it and take some time to "inspiration hunt". It was then that I came across this bedroom on Domaine Home. This space is a combination of all the beautiful outfits and rooms I had been swooning over the past few days bundled into one perfect bedroom.

As I have said many times before on the blog I am a details person, I always notice little things like finishes, fabrics and accents and then see the room as a whole. In this case from the moment I saw the room I fell in love, I then noticed the stunning glass window and doors, one rug layered over the other, chandelier and fabulous bed (just to mention a few of the amazing details!) 

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