Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Tips for working from home

There are definitely perks when working from home however I find in order for me to stay focused and work efficiently I have to treat it like an ordinary work day in an office somewhere. In saying that I have the flexibility if I need to do laundry I can put it in just before I start work and then take a break an hour later to hang it out. Initially I found it challenging to work from home but I quickly learnt that a routine is key. Below I share with you my tips for having productive work days at home. 

1. Get out of bed, shower & dress!
One of the biggest struggles I face in working from home is the urge to stay in bed and work from there. I have found that the best thing that works for me on a morning is a brief yoga session and devotions, I then have breakfast, shower, dress and go into my office.
2. Have a designated work space - even if it is a desk in your living room.

3. Set hours and stick to them. I start work at 9 AM and finish at 4 PM (sometimes later). If I have meetings I try to schedule them after 1 PM.
4. Stay Inspired! Create an inspiration board for your space with quotes, photos, fabric swatches - whatever keeps you motivated. 

5. Keep things tidy. I try to organize my desk at the end of every day so the next morning I have a clear workspace. 

6. Make a list! I love this cute printable by Designs by Miss Mandee

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