Monday, November 10, 2014

Hair Envy

I haven't had my hair cut or coloured in months and am so excited for my hair appointment this week. For the first time in my life I have long hair. In the past I have gone from a short bob to shoulder length only to get bored and try a pixie cut and then have to start all over again. I have also gone from my natural colour (honey brown) to bleach blonde to dark black and back to natural again. In saying all of that I am loving my long hair and hope too much doesn't have to be taken off this time around. In terms of colour I want to go dark - almost black but my hair dresser, Tenika says absolutely not! Below are some haircuts and colours I am loving from Pinterest. Comment below and let me know your thoughts. 

If I had my way I would go dark like this. The length is quite similar to what I have now.

I love the richness of this hair colour and the length is perfect. 

I know I said I wanted to go dark but maybe this honey blonde would be a good halfway point. Again the length is quite close to mine now.

The impulsive risk taker in me wants to chop off a bunch of my hair and work with a long bob for a while. The possibility of me hating it and throwing a hissy fit are high but after a few days I will get over it and the growing process will begin again.