Friday, November 14, 2014

Cooking Italian with Pietro Coricelli

I love food and in the past year I have really started to enjoy the cooking process. I often like to play soothing music and burn candles as I attempt to recreate some of the dishes I find on food blogs. One of the more recent dishes I made was very simple and extremely enjoyable. This was not from a recipe book but based on a traditional Italian dish - Pasta with tomato sauce. I used Pietro Coricelli products for the first time and was super impressed, not to mention very excited for the truffle oil! 

My go to tray in my kitchen which sits right next to the oven with my everyday necessities for cooking - pepper, salt, olive oil and fresh herbs. 

The first thing I did when preparing my meal was to take all the ingredients out ( and take a photo ). I then went ahead and cut them up and put them in individual bowls ready to be used. 

After chopping the vegetables and boiling the Italian sausage that I got from the grocery I went ahead and worked on four separate "pots".
Pot 1: Boil water and add Pietro Coricelli Tortiglioni Pasta & strain when ready.
Pot 2: Sautee garlic, onions, sweet pepper then add Pietro Coricelli Napoletana tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, ground pepper and fresh herbs stirring periodically.
Pot 3: Sautee the mushrooms with Pietro Coricelli truffle oil, onions and garlic.
Pot 4: Sautee the italian sausage with onion, sweet pepper and fresh herbs. 

I then mixed the sauce, mushrooms and sausage together and poured it generously over my Pietro Coricelli pasta. 

In my opinion the Pietro Coricelli products were fantastic and added an authentic taste to my dish. They also made it very easy for me to create! The prices are also very competitive and I already need to visit the grocery to stock back up on the extra virgin olive oil. 

Pietro Coricelli is distributed in Barbados by Armstrong Agencies and available in all Massy Supermarkets.