Friday, October 31, 2014

Platinum Wines & The Multi National Fair go green!

I am super excited for the Multi National Fair and even more so that they are GOING GREEN. I have extremely fond memories of attending the fair as a child when it was at Government house. After a hiatus of a couple years the fair is back and at a new location - Four Square Rum Distillery & Park. The event promises food, fun & entertainment - for charity! Platinum Wines will be in attendance doing an exciting wine "flight". They will be tasting wines from all over the world including organic wines and customers will be provided with a passport which will be stamped at each station. I love the idea and cannot wait to take part. 

I was particularly interested to learn more about the organic wines as I had never heard of them before. Platinum Wines indulged me and taught me a little more about organic wine. The first thing I learnt is that there are two types of organic listings on bottles : sustainable and biodynamic. 

Sustainable: Sustainability refers to a range of practices that are not only ecologically sound, but also economically viable and socially responsible. Sustainable farmers may farm largely organically or biodynamically but have flexibility to choose what works best for their individual property; they may also focus on energy and water conservation, use of renewable resources and other issues.

Biodynamic : Biodynamic is similar to organic farming in that both take place without chemicals, but biodynamic farming incorporates ideas about a vineyard as an ecosystem, and also accounting for things such as astrological influences and lunar cycles. A biodynamic wine means that the grapes are farmed biodynamically, and that the winemaker did not make the wine with any common manipulations such as yeast additions or acidity adjustments.

For more information on the fair visit Multi National Fair on Facebook and to learn more about the organic wines carried by Platinum Wines visit them online or on Facebook

*This is a sponsored post by Platinum Wines*

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