Monday, October 13, 2014

iPhone 5 fun!

I am very excited to finally be back in the iPhone world and while most of you have been upgrading to the iPhone 6 I'm happily behind time and have gotten the 5. Since getting the phone on Friday I have been downloading apps like crazy. One of my favorite photo editing apps thus far is VSCO Cam which was one of Vanity Fair's top 5 apps to "Instagram like a fashion editor". Another is Square FX which has already come in handy. Today I am off to Digicel Barbados to have them set up one of their new data plans so I can Instagram and Facebook to my hearts content. Another part of the new phone excitement is choosing a phone case. Below are my top 5 picks from Etsy.  Comment below and let me know your favorites! 

Wood Print iPhone case from Hello Nutcase. 

Pineapple Unique clear case from Case Cavern

Elephant Animal Case from Case Cavern

Pink and Gold Pineapple case from Field Trip

Gold and Black Colour block case from After Images 


  1. The very first one is my favorite!

  2. Thanks Michelle! I still haven't made my decision:)