Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Home Offices: Balancing Practicality and Pretty

While I am a big fan of desk organisation and practicality I admit I find it hard to eliminate the "pretty". I've been trying to strike a balance in my own home office and would say it's been quite effective thus far. I believe it's important to have things that inspire you and at the same time have important everyday items at arms length. See a few of my tips below to keep both inspired and organised and shop some of my desk top picks for keeping organised in style. 

Home office of Erika Brechtel. See the full post here

1. De clutter your desk top as often as possible keeping only items that serve a purpose or that you truly love. 
2. Organize your desktop and drawers. If you can find items that are both pretty and functional such as cute pencil holders or quirky magazine files that is even better. 
3. File paperwork and bills as soon as possible. Keep the important paper work easily accessible and other documents in a designated space. I have one magazine holder on my desktop which I keep schedules, notes and inspiration for both my blog and social media clients for the upcoming month. The remainder of paperwork is on a shelf near by.
4. Straighten your desk at the end of each day so it is fresh for the following morning.