Monday, September 29, 2014

Choosing the right rug for your space

I have been on the hunt recently for the perfect rug for my new homeA rug is a great way to add character and an element of coziness to a space and it is definitely one of my must haves in a living room. There are a couple factors to take into consideration when purchasing a rug and while I have been tempted to purchase one solely on appearance alone I have had to take a few things into consideration. See below my tips in choosing the right rug for your space and visit Archers Hall to see their many customisation options.

Tip 1: Start with a floor plan 
Choose a layout and measure for your rug based on the space you'd like to fill. Seen below are some popular layouts that work for most spaces via West Elm.

Classic Layout
If your sofa and chairs are up against the wall, your rug should be large enough to fit under the front legs of all pieces.
Floating Layout
If your sofa and chairs float in the middle of the room, your rug should be large enough to fit under all four legs of each piece of furniture.
Dining Layout
For dining rooms, measure the length and width of your dining table and add 2 feet on each side. Most dining room tables require a rug that's at least 8 feet wide.
Bedroom Layout
In bedrooms, extend a rug from the bottom 2/3 of the bed. Alternatively, you could also place two runners on each side or a single runner at the foot of the bed.

Tip 2: Choose a material 
Take into consideration the purpose of the space and how much traffic it gets. Natural rugs such as jute and sisal are incredibly durable making them ideal for high traffic areas. Dhurries and Kilims are another great option. They are flat woven wool and cotton rugs, known for their bright colours and graphic patterns and tend to be durable. Tufted rugs are available in more intricate patterns and last longer in low traffic areas. 

3. Pick your pattern
When picking a pattern it is important to take into consideration the space which it will be used in. Make a basic sofa pop with a geometric rug or tone down a busy curtain print with a neutral colour.  

My go to store in Barbados when it comes to rugs is Archers Hall in Speightstown. They offer customization of many of their products including their woven cotton rugs which are available in hundreds of colours and a variety of sizes. Selected styles are stocked in store and sample swatches are available for customisation. As with the woven cotton rugs their natural fibre rugs are also available in in a variety of colours and patterns and come in wool, jute, sisal and sea grass. All of which can be custom ordered to any length and even the type and size of border can be customized. See more on their website or keep up to date on their Facebook page.


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