Monday, September 1, 2014

Vintage Treasures Country House

My design style varies and while I'm partial to a simple island chic vibe in my own home I can appreciate both traditional, contemporary and rustic spaces. Essentially it is about what speaks to me and this country house did just that. I was visiting on of my favourite resources for interiors: Apartment Therapy and I came across the country house of Marnie and Ryan Hawson in Australia. I love the simplicity of the white panelled walls and the mixture of industrial, vintage and scandinavian design. See the whole story here

Marnie tells Apartment Therapy that it was during organising their wedding that she developed a passion for all things vintage and industrial. She had so much fun sourcing old wares for their barn reception, that once the big day was over, she decided to turn her newfound passion into a business and online shop, epoch co. Their house is a testament to her amazing taste and knack for collecting.