Monday, August 4, 2014

Studio Living in Maui

Though my style and taste in interiors has evolved over time I have always had an appreciation for a well decorated small space. This studio tucked away on the isle of Maui filled with modern, vintage and earthy elements is exactly this - well thought out and decorated. I instantly fell in love with it when I saw it on Pop Sugar and still feel excited about the details of this carefree space. The studio serves as both a home and workspace for interior-designer-turned-Pandeia-founder Kelsi Vande Velden.

When asked if she had any advice on small space living, Kelsi replied, "Get creative. Reimagine the possibilities, and make a floor plan to identify the "dead spaces" that could be better used." She later added that she often moves things around in her home at times even as often as on a weekly basis, "Exchanging decor from one room to another offers an entirely new look at no cost and brings a fresh, new energy to your space." This decor tip speaks especially to me as I often bring things from other rooms, switching out cushions and accessories for a refresh. 

I am positively smitten with the whole home and from the pictures cannot believe that it is a studio. This small space is filled with decor inspiration and ideas as well as lots of character. See the whole story on Pop Sugar Home