Monday, August 11, 2014

Nightstand Alternatives

Design rules are made to be broken and it's refreshing to see people stepping outside of the box and getting adventurous. While pieces of furniture are made for a specific purpose or space in a home that doesn't mean they cannot do double duty. I recently read a piece on Domaine Home which shared nightstand alternatives, the list included armoires, dressers, console tables and desks! I love the idea of a desk especially for small spaces with limited room for a dedicated work spaces. Below is some design inspiration and decorating tips on how to incorporate this piece of furniture into your bedroom. Shop some of my desk picks below.

In this colourful bedroom this nesting desk is the perfect size and design style for the space. Add interest by mixing it up and using a chair in a different finish or from a different design period. 

This bedroom has a subtle mix of design styles with a traditional yet feminine feel. The simple lines of the desk and the refreshing introduction of texture work well in the space and the pieces works not only as a desk and nightstand but a vanity also. 

This eclectic space is another great example of how when done well, pairing furniture pieces from different periods makes for a unique space. Lucite furniture is great because it does not take up too much visual space and works well with both traditional and more contemporary styles. 


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