Monday, July 28, 2014

Versatile and Timeless Furniture pieces for any space

Furnishing a home is a daunting task to say the least but there are a few key pieces which are both versatile and timeless. These staple pieces are a good starting point when it comes to furnishing your home. I always refer to the staple pieces and how important they are in a room and this list combined by Domaine Home perfectly outlines this. Some of the pieces such as the gilt mirror or farmhouse table were a bit unexpected at first but when mixed with other key pieces such as a structured white sofa or natural fibre rug, they make perfect sense. See the versatile furniture pieces below as well as some of my designer tips on how to incorporate them into your space. 

A white structured sofa either upholstered or slip covered is a key piece for any living space and perhaps the most versatile of them all. A white sofa can work with almost any design style whether it's contemporary, rustic or traditional. Smaller pieces such as throw cushions, blankets or side tables can be switched out to change the look as desired. 

An upholstered or tufted headboard elevates the look of any bedroom. Upholster in a neutral colour to keep it gender neutral and more versatile. 

A natural fibre rug such as sisal or jute works well with most design styles and is a good base to build a room around. Natural fibre rugs are also extremely durable so they not only will last long but can withstand high traffic areas. 

An antique mirror is quite unexpected and often is associated with more grand and ornate spaces but is actually the ideal piece to work into eclectic, modern and traditional settings. Add interest to an otherwise sparse modern space by using it as a focal point or carefully mix it with other thoughtful pieces for an eclectic space. 

A wooden farm house table is another unexpected versatile piece but like the mirror depending on styling and other furniture pieces it can work with different design styles. It works especially well in rustic or contemporary spaces and depending on the finish is a nice addition to an outdoor dining room. 

Stay tuned to shop this look on the blog both internationally and in Barbados at some select stores. 


  1. Yesterday you would have paid $2,895 for this fabulous sofa - now it is $999. Yesterday a Cambridge Mills 4-piece bedroom set would have cost you $7,170. Today you get it for less than $2,900. Why? To make room! No other reason than that!