Friday, June 13, 2014

Life as I know it

I am excited to share that I will be introducing a new series to the blog called "Life as I know it". My goal is to incorporate more original content to the blog and allow you all to see a bit more of me. In the past few weeks I took you all behind the scenes of my MAC Makeup makeover with makeup artist Kia Foster Blades, shared snaps from recent events such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Always Summer Mothers Day celebrations and took you along on my tour of The Soco Hotel. With the Life as I know it series you can expect more of these types of things as well as my Barbados adventures, street style snaps and cooking endevours. Today I'm sharing with you some of my favourite photos from a recent photo shoot with Diana Lewis. 

A few weeks ago I asked my good friend/ graphic artist/ photographer Diana Lewis to take some photos of me as I needed a bio pic for a magazine I am writing for and the bio pic which I have been using was not the best quality. I was very anxious for the photo shoot as I am by no means a model and quite awkward in front of a camera. My goal was to recreate the original photo which was bound to be a challenge since it was a candid and very natural shot. I was very lucky to have a great "team" to help me get some great shots. The SoCo hotel allowed me to use their premises to take photos and a room to prepare in, Kia did my makeup, Diana instructed me how to pose, took and edited the photos and my boyfriend stood behind her and made me laugh. ( See some behind the scenes photos by following lovedesignbdos on Instagram) 

I was very happy with the photos and give all the credit to those mentioned above. After much deliberation I decided on another natural shot very similar to my original bio shot as I think it best reflects me. I am not half as poised as I look in some of the other shots and my hair definitely never looks that good. Keep an eye out for my new Life as I know it tab and bio pic.  



  1. Love the new bio pics and look forward to the new series "Life as I know it"

  2. cool idea, love your pictures

  3. Thanks for the comments and compliments. Looking forward to sharing more of me with my followers/ friends!