Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Iconic Heritage Burberry Trench Coat

Over the weekend I visited the Burberry store at The Limegrove Lifestyle Center. Upon entering the store I was greeted by an impressive display of Burberry trench coats and I was reminded how truly exquisite they were. Originally created to protect officers from wind and rain, the Burberry trench coat has evolved over 100 years to become an icon, representing timeless British style and design innovation. At the heart of the Burberry trench coat story is the tightly woven cloth that sets it apart from all others. Invented by Thomas Burberry in 1879, gabardine revolutionised rainwear. The Burberry trench coat is presented in three colours taken from the Burberry Heritage Archive – honey, stone and black – and three fits. See more of the Burberry Trench coat below and click here to see what London hotels give you a Burberry Trench for the duration of your stay.


 The lining: The attention of expert craftsmen is focused outside and within. Each coat is lined with the iconic Burberry check, a badge of origin since the 1920s, which is made up of a signature combination of camel, ivory, red and black. Each lining is carefully cut and placed to ensure the check design is symmetrical and unbroken, while the undercollar lining features a bias positioning, with the lines of the check meeting at exactly 45 degrees.

The collar: The most intricate of these is the stitching of the collar, which is unique to Burberry trench coats. It takes up to a year to learn to stitch the collar alone, using a method that is part of Burberry design heritage. The craftsman hand-places 11.5 tiny stitches per inch along the length of the collar to create a fluid curve, ensuring it sits perfectly on the neck.

    Details: Detail is key in the creation of the trench coat. The cuff straps and belt are constructed and stitched so that their edges are clean and flat, while the formation of the back pleat has not changed in 100 years, staying true to the design for horse riding. 

For my Burberry fans in or visiting Barbados be sure to visit The Burberry store at Limegrove Lifestyle Center. 

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