Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kravet Smart Furniture

Kravet Smart Furniture is introducing four new styles this Spring: Curry, Elon, Marist and Merrimack. Each style includes sofas, sleepers, chairs and sectional sofas. These new transitional pieces are scaled a little larger, and sit a bit deeper for a more relaxed lifestyle. All of these new styles are available as a sofa, loveseat, sleep sofa and club chair with an ottoman. You can order with 2 seats, 3 seats or a bench cushion with a selection of 9 leg styles or a dress maker skirt.Every style in the Smart collection can be upholstered with any Kravet fabric. Designers can also choose from more than 1,500 Kravet Smart fabrics that are free when used to upholster a Smart piece. To see more, visit their website.  

Elon Chair (Back left), Curry Chair (Back left), Marist Chair (Front left), Merrimack Chair (Front right)

Marist Left Arm sofa

 Merrimack one seat sofa

Elon two seat sofa


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