Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Festival Fashion

Coachella is fast approaching and the trendsetters are sure to be out in their best festival fashions. Festivals like Coachella seem to have their own dress code and the attendees always look so effortless and cool embodying the “boho chic” look and lifestyle.  Coachella 2014 will be here in just 2 days and I can't wait to see the fashion for this year. Today I take a look back at the festival fashion from 2013, shop the look below. 

Lea Michele and Lauren Conrad at Lacoste 

Katy Perry at Shop Bazaar. Image

Coachella Street Style via Harpers Bazaar

Julianne Hough at Coachella 

Coachella Street Style Via Harpers Bazaar

Shop the look below or at this year's Coachella at Harpers Bazaar pop up. See more here