Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Decorating Ideas

Easter weekend is upon us and this means different things for different people.  Last year I was in West Palm Beach and went to Christ Fellowship at City place both Friday and Sunday and it was a wonderful experience. I am in Saba this year with my family and celebrating a little differently than last but still keeping the reason for the season at the forefront of my mind. Apart from the obvious reason for Easter it is also a good excuse to decorate, and in my family eat Cadbury's Mini Eggs. Below are some of my favourite Easter decorating ideas from Better Homes and Gardens. 

This rustic table setting which incorporates tulips, easter eggs, tree bark runner and "birds nests"

Create a beautiful Easter centerpiece in minutes with a footed bowl filled with Easter grass, dyed eggs, and egg-shape candy. The centerpiece will give your dining table a soft spring look. 

A two-tier dish with Easter egg-filled nests creates a pretty (and easy to make) centerpiece for your table. Complement the bold colors of the centerpiece with single-color name cards and napkins with an Easter egg pattern. 

Decorative take-out boxes (available at craft stores) serve as the bases of these floral spring decorations. Yellow tulips and simple white flowers come together in the easy-yet-elegant Easter display.