Monday, April 14, 2014

Authentically Bajan : Sea Reinas Swimwear

Living on an island, swimwear is a wardrobe staple and yet it can sometimes be a challenge to find the perfect "suit". I first fell in love with Sea Reinas when I saw the image below from their Wanderlust campaign. The location, model and colour scheme were clearly well thought out and executed brilliantly as the breathtaking surroundings compliment the true focal piece - the "Snorkel" bikini from the Pavilion collection!  

I met with Isabelle from Sea Reinas at the beautiful Coral Reef Club hotel a few weeks ago and over coffee and tea Isabelle took me through her collection and I soon learnt that there is more to Sea Reinas than just swimsuits. Isabelle described Sea Reinas as a lifestyle company engaging intelligent women. The Sea Reinas website has recently launched a blog featuring posts from some very inspiring mermaids and seeks to bring women together through art, travel, culture, food and fashion. While perhaps best known for their swimsuits, they also offer stunning jewelry which can be seen online on their website. The swimsuits are authentically Barbadian and high quality fabrics such as lycra and lace are used. The suits are all intricately designed to flatter the female figure.  
The swimwear is available in select boutiques on the island, online or you can schedule a personalized fitting with the designer. The swimsuits are affordable luxury starting as low as $75US.

In the past year since their debut Sea Reinas has definitely piqued the interest of many and has accomplished many a milestone such as showing at Barbados Fashion Week, being the official swimwear designer for Miss Bahamas and making it into print magazines. Their pieces have classic silhouettes, which are surprisingly fresh and what is special in my opinion about the pieces is the versatility and stunning details such as the Marzio Fiori pieces.

The Wanderlust campaign was a whimsical display of stunning swimwear showcased on some of the islands most magical beaches with gorgeous blues of the ocean and sandy tones as the backdrop. The models looked comfortable in their stunning bikinis and monokinis and the images look natural and effortless.

Wanderlust (noun) : A strong desire to travel to tropical places and Europhile cities: a woman consumed by Wanderlust. ORIGIN early 21st Century.

Sea Reinas swimwear is now available online as well as select boutiques on the West Coast: including Little Good Harbour, Coral Reef Club and Whispers on the Riviera (Port St. Charles).

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  1. gorgeous suits!! I wanna go back so badly!!

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