Monday, March 31, 2014

Runway to Room : Inspired by Men

The Runway to Room series inspired by my love for fashion and interiors, is quickly become one of the popular features on the blog. Up until now the series has featured only women's fashion but as proven by the gentleman below, they also have a lot to offer. This Runway to Room series is inspired by the stylish men below and how I imagine their looks would translate into a room. 
I love masculine spaces and I remember at one point coming across a picture of "Chuck Bass" and thinking his outfit would translate into an incredibly chic man cave. The outfit and study above are both masculine and stylish. Both have a sophisticated feeling enhanced by details. The leather chair in the study is in my eyes the standout piece room in the space with it's rich colour contrasted against the darkly painted brick wall. The coat is also the star of the outfit complimented by all the other perfectly edited details of the outfit. 

This outfit has a casual elegance to it and the pale pink further softens the look. The room also has a sophisticated yet casual feel and the pink accent chairs add just the right about of femininity.  


Pharrel Williams is a singer - songwriter, record producer, musician, fashion designer and in my opinion a male style icon. I had a hard time picking one of his outfits because he is brimming with swag pretty much always but this equestrian style hunter scene print tux is beyond cool. Lewis and Wood Co Uk makes a line of wallpaper and fabric that mimics just this which is ideal for a stylish man cave.


  1. What a lovely post! I love the comparison of fashion and interior design, not to mention the hot dudes... LOL ;)

  2. Thanks for the comment Simone! Glad you liked the post. Stay tuned for more runway to room series coming soon, I'll try and incorporate some more hot dudes along the way also! :)