Thursday, March 27, 2014

Makeup Trends guest post by makeup artist Kia *

I am a Barbados born Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist in love with all things fashion forward. I am so honored to be a guest blogger on LDB, thanks to Natasha for this awesome opportunity to share my knowledge with all of you and I'm looking forward to your comments and feedback!

A few of this year's makeup trends have been punchy lip colors, subtle Au Naturale makeup and definitely some serious eye definition! If any of you have followed the trends, you can see that some of these are definitely runway and runway only, but here we will have some fun making the looks your own while you keep up with the latest looks! The first trend that I absolutely love and I think is stunning on every skin tone is the punchy lip. We saw a lot of oranges used this Spring, and it's a such a fun color and looks amazing on all skin tones! As makeup artist Gucci Westman said, "it's not about being sweet", so let's amp up the fierceness! 

Here orange lips are definitely used in a harmonious collaboration with natural brows, eyes and skin making it the focal point of the face, and that much more of a statement. It is used in a more lady like fashion whether it be work wear or a cute floral print and chunky accessories. 

Here we see it more sleek and editorial with slick hair, clean cut clothing and pretty bare and basic in terms of accessories, again the very focal point of the face; what we are trying to achieve with your own take off this punchy orange.

For those daring to try out "Outrageous Orange" this season, try MAC's "Morange" which works seamlessly with all skin tones! Use lip liners in darker/lighter shades to tone this baby up or down to suit any occasion!

Lastly, here is a little video from my favorite makeup duo on youtube, Pixiwoo, it is an awesome look for day/night and I love the simplicity that is tied in with this punchy lip for an awesome outcome of brightness and boldness as you set out on your daily excursions! 

Have fun with it beauties! Remember, if orange is not your colour, the same principles and techniques can definitely be used with your favorite lippy so give it a try today! On that note ladies, I can't wait to hear your feedback and I truly hope this was all fun for you. I can't wait to see some of the looks you come up with so be sure to take a selfie and tag @ makeupbykfb and hashtag # makeupbykfb on Instagram so I can have a look! 

Stay happy and healthy beauties, 
Kia Foster - Blades

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