Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Louis Vuitton RTW Fall/ Winter Collection

I seem to have caught the fashion bug and have been following Paris Fashion Week through various fashion blogs and on Instagram and was especially excited towards the close of Paris Fashion Week as Nicolas Ghesquiere debuted his first line for Louis Vuitton. I watched on the Louis Vuitton webpage as the countdown to the show began and then finally the time came and I sat down with my ipad and a cup of coffee and watched intently, (I have watched it twice since then). Opening with leather interpretations followed by floral themes, elegant and practical silhouettes made their way down the runway with a display of enviable short skirts, tight-fitting trousers, leather pants and vests which are sure to be wardrobe classics. Upon closer inspection the luxe-ness of the pieces is evident using fabrics such as leather, tweed and vinyl. Some of my favourite pieces were adorned with glittery embroidery and nothing short of perfection.  

LV fans can visit Louis Vuitton in Barbados at Limegrove Lifestyle Centre.

Images : Louis Vuitton

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