Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Kitchen Organization

I love organization for many reasons, most importantly it makes life easier when everything has it's own place and can be easily found. Organization options have come a long way from traditional bins and drawers and I especially love to see items such as baskets used because they are both functional and pretty. This basket beside the stove serves as a good spot to keep everyday cooking items close at hand and I plan to recreate something similar at home. See more kitchen organization ideas below and a new recipe fave of mine. 

This countertop almost looks styled to me because in my eyes it's close to perfection.I love the baskets drawers as storage and the fresh bread and lemons on display.

Less traditional items as seen below are perfect for kitchen storage and are a good way to display your items so you can see them and access them quickly. 

While not entirely related to kitchen organization I wanted to share one of my new recipes faves - Sweet potato & goat cheese Frittata via Goop, see recipe here