Monday, December 29, 2014

New Years Eve Fashion with dFB Boutique

I still cannot believe that Christmas has come and gone and now New Years Eve, or Old Years Night as Barbadians call it, is upon us. I plan to spend my NYE quietly on the beach with some friends, a picnic basket of goodies, bubbly and cozy blankets while watching the fireworks above. For those of you who are attending fancy NYE affairs, (Mix Nutz Shangri La at Harrisons Cave looks amazing!) dFB Boutique has some stunning and unique pieces for both men and women. I visited the cosy boutique a few weeks ago and was impressed with the stylish European apparel & accessories. I love that they carry very unique pieces and also only carry a limited amount of each piece. Style Director, Tashida Cox has handpicked some of her favourite NYE outfits to share with my LDB readers. See them below and visit dFB on Facebook, Instagram or on their website to learn more!

Neon Holiday Dress 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas & Thank YOU !

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from LDB! I am truly thankful for all of your support throughout the year. The blog has grown tremendously in 2014 and I cannot wait to share even more with you all in the new year. I hope you enjoy your holidays with family, friends and loved ones. I will be taking a short break to do the same and be back on the 29th with some New Years Eve posts. Lots of love! 

Friday, December 19, 2014

LDB Gift Guide: Gift Picks for Her

As I share my last gift guide of the season I am amazed at how fast the time has passed. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of work, meetings, events and shopping. Some of the very gifts I have shared with you will be gifts that my friends and family will receive. One of my favourite memories from this month has nothing to do with gifts however, but my visit to St. Margaret’s school with my aunt, Lady Roberta Simpson. While the blog schedule is incredibly busy over the next few days I promise to share photos from this amazing day with you soon.

See all the item details below and click on the links to visit their pages. Happy Shopping! Xo

1. Dita Sunnies. Sun Collection. 271 8250
2. B & W Palm Island Bag. Island Bags
3. Mac Keepsakes Pallette. MAC at Limegrove or Cave Shepherd. 271 8256
 4. Orange Le Pliage handbag. Longchamp  271-8275
 5. Lindsay Phillips Switch Flops. JOGS BARBADOS  231-3577
6. Marco Bicego earrings. The Royal Shop. 429-7072

* Be sure when you visit or call to inquire to let them know you saw these items on the LDB Gift Guide

Monday, December 15, 2014

LDB Gift Guide: Gift Picks for Him

While my audience is primarily women I always try and include the men where possible. In doing the gift guides I knew I wanted to do Gift Picks for Him and tried my best to find unique items at a variety of price points for different types of gentlemen. I've included the show stopping Chopard watch, edgy Gucci sunnies, fun items such as the Weatherproof Bluetooth speaker and Skull Candy Headphones and classics like the CK One Cologne and the Longchamp Leather wallet. See all the item details below and click on the links to visit their pages. Happy Shopping! Xo 

1. Chopard Mens Watch - The Royal Shop. 429 7072
2.  Mirrored Gucci Sunnies - Sun Collection. 271 8250
3. Longchamp Cavalier Wallet - Longchamp at Limegrove Lifestyle Centre. 271-8275
4. Skullcandy Hesh headphones - Cave Shepherd Camera's & Electronics227-2157
5. Rockon weatherproof bluetooth speaker -Cave Shepherd Camera's & Electronics227-2157
6. CK One (Exclusive) Holiday Set Gift set -Cave Shepherd 227-2121
All items seen here are available Duty Free

* Be sure when you visit or call to inquire to let them know you saw these items on the LDB Gift Guide

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

LDB Gift Guide: My Christmas Wish List

It was difficult to decide on specific items for my Christmas Wish list as I have loved everything I have chosen for my gift guides thus far. In shopping around I did come across a few things which were definitely my style. Since then I have been dreaming of shiny gold watches, chic messenger bags and classic sunnies among other things. Grandparents, Parents, Boyfriend - Take note! See all the item details below and click on the links to visit their pages. Happy Shopping! Xo

1. Small Movado BOLD Diamond Watch. The Royal Shop. 429 7072
2. Ray Ban Round Sunnies. Sun Collection. 271 8250
3. Flynn Crossbody Messenger Bag. Always Summer. 434 6745
4. Nikon D32oo camera. Cave Shepherd Camera's & Electronics. 434 6745
5. Tory Burch Thora Sandals. Shopstyle
6. MAC Keepsakes Lip Set. MAC at Limegrove or Cave Shepherd. 271 8256

* Be sure when you call to inquire to let them know you saw these items on the LDB Gift Guide

Monday, December 8, 2014

LDB Gift Guide: Gift Picks under $75

I have to admit that this category was a bit more challenging than the rest. I wanted to choose items that were luxe but without the high price tag. It turns out that some of my favourite items thus far have been from this Under $75 section. First on the list is the Rebecca," My World" bracelet from The Royal Shop - this is one of my favourites because you can choose the colour of your leather bracelet and then customise with beautiful gems starting at $58 BDS. It truly is a modern interpretation on the classic charm bracelet. The other gifts are equally special and I wouldn't mind received any (or all!) of the items I have selected for this Under $75 category. See all the item details below and click on the links to visit their pages. Happy Shopping! Xo

1. My World bracelet. The Royal Shop429-7072
2. Leather journals. Available in assorted colours and with different sayings. Bio Beauty435-9306
3. OPI Nail set. Includes 2 polishes & a leopard scarf. Bio Beauty435-9306
4. WOW Grey Cover up. Bio Beauty435-9306
5. Scented Candles. Walkers World. -421-7968

* Be sure when you call to inquire to let them know you saw these items on the LDB Gift Guide

Friday, December 5, 2014

LDB Gift Guide: Gift Picks for the Hostess

There is no doubt that Christmas is one of the busiest times of year. For me December brings an increase in work load, traffic, events and the introduction of many Christmas parties. This year I have put together some of my gift Picks for the hostess. These items work well as Christmas Gifts but are also great ideas to take for the hostess. I love entertaining and especially love these picks. See all the item details below and click on the links to visit their pages. Happy Shopping! Xo

1. Filo Dora Prosecco. Platinum Wines426 1369
2. "Cheers" stemless wine glasses. Archers Hall Design Centre. 422 0400
3. Oceanic Bottle stoppers. Archers Hall Design Centre. 422 0400
4. Animal Print Serving Tray. Walkers World. 421-7968
5. Belle Jar Candles. Always Summer at Limegrove Lifestyle Centre.  434-6745

* Be sure when you call to inquire to let them know you saw these items on the LDB Gift Guide

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

LDB Gift Guide: Gift Picks for Her

As part of Christmas on LDB I will be showcasing some of my favourite gift picks  over the next few weeks. The Gift Picks for Her category has been one of my favourites and while I have a Wish List of my own I truly love all of the items I have selected for you. See all the item details below and click on the links to visit their pages. Happy Shopping! Xo

1.  Le Plaige Heritage handbag. Longchamp at Limegrove Lifestyle Centre. 271-8275
2. MAC Keepsakes Eye Palette. MAC at Limegrove Lifestyle Centre . 271-8256
3. Rafe Clutch. Always Summer at Limegrove Lifestyle Centre.  434-6745
4. Lindsay Phillips Switch Flops. JOGS BARBADOS  231-3577
5. Morrcan Oil Limited Edition Holiday Kit. Inter Caribbean Marketing Barbados
6. Cashmere scarf. Always Summer at Limegrove Lifestyle Centre. 434-6745

* Be sure when you call to inquire to let them know you saw these items on the LDB Gift Guide

Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas on LDB

I am so excited that Christmas is here! LDB is going "Christmassy" for the month of December and I am incredibly excited to introduce a LDB Christmas Gift Guide for the first time. The Gift Guide will include the following categories: "Gift Picks for Her", "Gift Picks for Him", "Gift Picks for the hostess", "Gift Picks under $75" and finally "My Christmas Wish List". Preparing the Gift Guide has been especially fun for me as I've gotten to visit some of my favourite stores in Barbados in search of the perfect gift ideas.  I will be debuting the first "Gift Guide" on Wednesday so stay tuned! Christmas in December will also see the arrival of lots of Christmas decor inspiration as well as Entertaining Tips. 

Christmas with Platinum Wines

Christmas is just around the corner and what a better time to relax and enjoy some of your favourite wines. Platinum Wines shares with us today some of their favorite wines for the holiday season. Visit them on Facebook to learn more or give them a call at 426 1369 to order your last minute bottles in time for Christmas. They are open until 12pm on Christmas Eve so get your orders in soon. 

See product details below. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

LDB Loves Barbados

Barbados Independence is coming up and I wanted to share a few photos of my island with all of you. When people think of Barbados they automatically think of the white sand beaches and crystal clear blue waters and while there is no denying that we have some of the most fantastic beaches in the world the beauty of our island continues inland as well. These are a few shots that my sister, Nikola has taken over the years of our countryside, parliament buildings and of course - palm trees! I truly am thankful that I get to live on an island with such natural beauty and blessed to be a Bajan! See all my Barbados posts here and more photos from Loop Barbados here

Up above the palms, South Beach - Barbados. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Thanksgiving is fast approaching for my American friends. Thanksgiving is one holiday I wish we celebrated more of in Barbados. While I am no expert on the story of Thanksgiving I do love the idea of making a conscious effort to acknowledge things that we are grateful for or thankful for. I personally try and make note of at least one thing every day which I am thankful for. I also love the thought of Thanksgiving decorating and of course - the food! While I was searching for Thanksgiving Inspiration I came across the most perfect Thanksgiving table top on Griffanie blog. I truly love everything about this tabletop. See the whole tables cape on the Griffanie blog here and see what I am grateful for below! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Living Barbados and The Dream

The latest issue of Living Barbados is out and I'll be honest the first place I usually turn to after the contributors page is the piece I have written. I have been fortunate enough to write for The Living Team a number of times now and it is always a pleasure and honor to work with them! Anyhow, I digress - this time reading the magazine for the first was a little different. As I was turning the pages looking for my article I came across "The Dream" written by Rachel Ramphal. The first photo in the spread is that of the exterior of this contemporary home. Model, Lara Rogers is draped elegantly on a lounger alongside the pool in a shot which in my opinion is cover worthy. The Barbados beachfront property while by no means modest is decorated so that it feels authentic, welcoming and "homey". I personally fell in love with all of the thoughtful accents and the relaxed beach house feel. The outdoor space, pool, view and beach are pretty fantastic also! 

See the whole "The Dream" spread in the latest issue of Living Barbados. You can now find them on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram

Friday, November 21, 2014

Chopard Happy Diamonds with Poppy Delevingne

I visited The Royal Shop during the week and I was mesmerized by some of their stunning jewelry and classic timepieces. Mrs. Thani was gracious enough to show me around, tell me a little more about their jewelry and let me try on some spectacular pieces. She seemed to save the best for last as she led me to the Chopard case and presented me with a iced out watch which I would have thought would be too much "bling" but was absolute perfection! Being the social media nerd that I am upon returning home I visited the Chopard Facebook page and website - it was there that I discovered Poppy Delevingne's Happy Diamond Campaign. The campaign looked more like a fashion editorial than a jewelry advertisement and I found it to be incredibly refreshing. See some of my favorite shots from the campaign below. 

Images - Chopard

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Tips for working from home

There are definitely perks when working from home however I find in order for me to stay focused and work efficiently I have to treat it like an ordinary work day in an office somewhere. In saying that I have the flexibility if I need to do laundry I can put it in just before I start work and then take a break an hour later to hang it out. Initially I found it challenging to work from home but I quickly learnt that a routine is key. Below I share with you my tips for having productive work days at home. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Multi National Fair Highlights

This past weekend was a busy one and Monday came far too quickly for my liking. On Saturday I attended the highly anticipated Multi National Fair with my Mum and it did not disappoint. The venue was lovely and everything was well spread out. Upon entering we were greeted by The Slow Foods Barbados tent where my sister was volunteering, to the right there were stalls selling fresh herbs and spices and an area set up for afternoon tea. We bypassed this and I headed straight for the food! Afterwards we went about looking for Platinum Wines, Island Bags and later we indulged in some sweet treats from Mama Mia. While walking around we also stopped in between at stalls which caught our interest and to chat with friends - some who I hadn't seen since secondary school days!

The Multi National Fair. Photo by Dazzle Magazine. See more photos by Dazzle magazine here.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Cooking Italian with Pietro Coricelli

I love food and in the past year I have really started to enjoy the cooking process. I often like to play soothing music and burn candles as I attempt to recreate some of the dishes I find on food blogs. One of the more recent dishes I made was very simple and extremely enjoyable. This was not from a recipe book but based on a traditional Italian dish - Pasta with tomato sauce. I used Pietro Coricelli products for the first time and was super impressed, not to mention very excited for the truffle oil! 

My go to tray in my kitchen which sits right next to the oven with my everyday necessities for cooking - pepper, salt, olive oil and fresh herbs. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bags and the desks they perch on at Vogue

Vogue recently left their home of fifteen years: 4 Times Square and re located to One World Trade Centre. I along with many other Vogue fans followed along as Hamish Bowles, Andre Leon Talley and Anna Wintour moved their Hermes orange rent-a-crates downtown. Vogue online recently shared "Heady Bags and the desks they perch on at One World Trade Centre" and I was captivated instantly by the first image which showcases Oscar De La Renta Gold paper weights, a Smythson agenda and Mark Cross leopard print calf hair bag. These specific images showcase a few of my loves all at once : A chic office, desktop accessories and of course handbags! It found it very interesting to see how other people work especially the creative geniuses at Vogue. See the whole story here

The elegant neatnik : Leopard Calfhair

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hair Envy

I haven't had my hair cut or coloured in months and am so excited for my hair appointment this week. For the first time in my life I have long hair. In the past I have gone from a short bob to shoulder length only to get bored and try a pixie cut and then have to start all over again. I have also gone from my natural colour (honey brown) to bleach blonde to dark black and back to natural again. In saying all of that I am loving my long hair and hope too much doesn't have to be taken off this time around. In terms of colour I want to go dark - almost black but my hair dresser, Tenika says absolutely not! Below are some haircuts and colours I am loving from Pinterest. Comment below and let me know your thoughts. 

If I had my way I would go dark like this. The length is quite similar to what I have now.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Simple Bedroom Perfection

Some days blogging comes easier than others, today was one of the more challenging days. I had put on my schedule to post about white and beige fashion and interiors. I spent a long time pinning image after image of the perfect outfit in anticipation of todays post but when I went to put together the post last night and again this morning I wasn't feeling satisfied with it. I decided to scrap it and take some time to "inspiration hunt". It was then that I came across this bedroom on Domaine Home. This space is a combination of all the beautiful outfits and rooms I had been swooning over the past few days bundled into one perfect bedroom.

As I have said many times before on the blog I am a details person, I always notice little things like finishes, fabrics and accents and then see the room as a whole. In this case from the moment I saw the room I fell in love, I then noticed the stunning glass window and doors, one rug layered over the other, chandelier and fabulous bed (just to mention a few of the amazing details!) 

Shop the Look

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Movado Watches: Exceptional Craftsmanship & Design Distinction

I must admit that I was initially attracted to the Movado watches based solely on their aesthetic and ad campaigns. Famous faces such as Lily Collins, Leonardo Di Caprio and most recently Kerry Washington have served as Movado ambassadors thus gracing magazine pages in simple yet stunning and effective campaigns. Upon visiting The Royal Shop on Broadstreet recently I was able to see first hand the beauty and craftsmanship of these classic time pieces. I share below a little more information on Movado and also some of my watch picks for him and her. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Hermès Avalon blanket

The Hermès Avalon blanket has a certain allure to it, similar to that of the iconic Birkin bag. The Hermès Avalon blanket has been referred to as "a coveted fashion-for-the-home status symbol" by Elle Decor. A description I couldn't agree with more. The prominent H on the beautifully made wool throw is the epitome of glamour and comfort and similar to the Birkin is high on my wish list (of totally unnecessary items). While I could not justify paying the hefty price tag for either I would never turn down a gift! Below I share some of my favourite interior spaces donning the Avalon blanket as well as some alternative throw options to add that luxurious element to your space.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Platinum Wines & The Multi National Fair go green!

I am super excited for the Multi National Fair and even more so that they are GOING GREEN. I have extremely fond memories of attending the fair as a child when it was at Government house. After a hiatus of a couple years the fair is back and at a new location - Four Square Rum Distillery & Park. The event promises food, fun & entertainment - for charity! Platinum Wines will be in attendance doing an exciting wine "flight". They will be tasting wines from all over the world including organic wines and customers will be provided with a passport which will be stamped at each station. I love the idea and cannot wait to take part. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Home Tour love on The Every Girl

I have a few go to websites for inspiration such as The Every Girl, Pop Sugar Home, The Decorista & Glitter Guide ( to name a few) . Unfortunately sometimes I get so caught up and don't make time to visit them as often as I should. This morning I woke up far too early and decided to use that time to visit some of my fave sites and get inspired. It wasn't long before I came across this home tour on The Every Girl and fell in love. Shop the look below and see the whole post here

Monday, October 27, 2014

My Rainy Day Faves

There is nothing I love better than a rainy day inside. All week long I had been planning for a sunny beach day on Sunday but I was thrilled when I woke up at 5 AM yesterday to hear the rain pouring off my roof. I wasted no time in cuddling up under my sheets and going back to sleep for a couple more hours. The rain continued through the day and while I didn't get to be as lazy as planned I loved the darkness of the house, burning my Voluspa candles, playing Norah Jones and listening the sound of the rain while I worked. See below some of my favorite rainy/lazy day activities!

Breakfast in Bed! 

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Royal Shop & Bellarri Jewelry

I love fashion and it is the details which often pull a look together. Shoes, handbags, sunglasses and jewellery can often be the pieces that elevate a look. The Royal Shop has been teaching me a thing or two about jewellery in the past weeks and I was excited to learn about one of their newest lines - Bellarri. Founder and designer; Bellarri Adleman was originally a model and drawing on her knowledge in the field she started Bellarri over 30 years ago. The company originally sold loose stones and gradually evolved to finished pieces. Bellarri Adleman now works with her husband and two children. Together they have grown Bellarri into an international jewellery brand winning numerous awards and becoming a celebrity favourite. While I am partial to simplicity when it comes to jewellery it is hard to deny the beauty and intricacy in the pieces. The Royal Shop carries The Mademoiselle de Paris collection which comprises of stunning "floral" pieces in 18k gold, rhodolite, gemstones, and diamonds. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My favorite Oscar de La Renta moments

OSCAR DE LA RENTA was one of the fashion industries most loved, celebrated and well respected designers - remaining a presence in the industry until his passing just days ago. I can remember watching his Spring/Summer 2015 show in awe as models made their way down the runway in stunning pastel creations with appearances of classic black and white ensembles. Oscar's elegant and feminine designs gained him a loyal fan base including Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and more recently Nicole Kidman and Sarah Jessica Parker. See below some of my favorite Oscar de la Renta moments via Vogue UK and see the whole story here.

Oscar de la Renta taking his bow at his final catwalk show - the spring/summer 2015 Oscar de la Renta collection - with models Karlie Kloss and Daria Strokous. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Coffee Cart

I love a good bar cart and was so excited when I saw Pop Sugar Home share their tips on How to create a stylish coffee & tea stationI had a lovely antique mahogany bar cart at my last home which I turned into a coffee/ tea cart because it served my needs better. Since then I have seen more "coffee carts" popping up on Pinterest and I'm loving the inspiration. I make tea at least twice a day at home so have created a little tea nook in the corner of my kitchen. I also love cappuccinos and have been dreaming of adding a espresso/cappuccino maker for some time now. See my coffee cart inspiration below and shop my Coffee/ Tea Station must haves via Shop Style. 

Shop my coffee cart must haves below 

Friday, October 17, 2014

LDB goes pink with Rosé from Platinum Wines

October is breast cancer awareness month and today LDB is going PINK with two Rosés from Platinum Wines.  While I am no authority on wine there are a few things I have learnt thanks to The Wine Spectator and Food & Wine. I must admit some of the terms were a bit over my head to begin with but with a little research I think I've gotten the hang of it! The definition of Rosé is as follows: A light pink wine made from purple grapes, with the skins being removed from the juice during fermentation as soon as the desired color has been attained. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Minimal & Bright Walk in Closet

I think one thing high on all women's wish list is a stunning walk in closet. While I spend time swooning over hugely unrealistic closets such as Carrie's from SATC I was attracted to this closet for the complete opposite reason - the simplicity. This small room turned walk in closet is minimal, bright and functional. The styling, clothes and accessories are pretty chic also! This closet appeals to me mostly because it is attainable, any one of us with a second bedroom or small nook can recreate this. See the whole post here

Shop the look 

Monday, October 13, 2014

iPhone 5 fun!

I am very excited to finally be back in the iPhone world and while most of you have been upgrading to the iPhone 6 I'm happily behind time and have gotten the 5. Since getting the phone on Friday I have been downloading apps like crazy. One of my favorite photo editing apps thus far is VSCO Cam which was one of Vanity Fair's top 5 apps to "Instagram like a fashion editor". Another is Square FX which has already come in handy. Today I am off to Digicel Barbados to have them set up one of their new data plans so I can Instagram and Facebook to my hearts content. Another part of the new phone excitement is choosing a phone case. Below are my top 5 picks from Etsy.  Comment below and let me know your favorites! 

Wood Print iPhone case from Hello Nutcase. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Royal Shop, Barbados

The Royal Shop is one of the oldest family owned luxury retailers in Barbados. As one of the island's leading watch and jewellery stores, you will find some of the world's top watch brands like Raymond Weil, Rado, Chopard, Maurice Lacroix, Longines and Movado and fun fashionable watches by Guess, Tissot, Swiss Army, Esquire, Ice, Swatch, Seiko, Casio and Citizen. The Royal Shop carries an impressive range of fine jewellery from elite brands like Chopard, Marco Bicego, Rebecca, Belle étiole and Io si. 

The Royal Shop Broad Street Location. 

I had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. Thani of The Royal Shop last week to talk about his family, his success and his business. I was taken on a journey of hard work, determination and later success that originated in 1976 when The Royal Shop was first opened in Barbados. The Royal Shop’s first location was Nicholas House in Bridgetown where Thani and family sold china, crystal, souvenirs and jewelry. From early on relationships were very important to Mr. Thani and he traveled the Caribbean and even to New York to meet with friends and family in search of brands to carry. After years of experimenting and trials Mr. Thani finally decided on carrying jewelry only in The Royal Shop. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Blue and White Chinoserie Chic Living Room

I have been sick the past week so haven't been well enough to spend time on the blog but I came across this room on Archers Hall Facebook page and was super inspired and wanted to share. I love navy blue and white to begin with but this space is extra special with the chinoiserie detais,  Mary Mcdonald lamps,natural foliage, plants and flowers. Shop my navy blue and white chinoiserie picks below such as ginger jars, lamps and even Ralph Lauren plates. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Sick Day

Unfortunately I have fallen ill so there will be a short break on the blog. I am looking forward to feeling better and sharing more of my loves with you very soon. Thanks for your constant support! Lots of love <3

Friday, October 3, 2014

Pure Ocean Restaurant

One of the best parts of being a blogger are the opportunities and people you get to meet and in this case a delicious meal at a chic restaurant with the ocean as a backdrop. Two weeks ago I was invited to visit the new Pure Ocean Restaurant in St. Lawrence Gap and as a lover of food I gladly accepted! Pure Ocean is part of the Divi Resorts brand and while it serves as one of the resorts restaurants it is also open to the general public. I sat down with General Manager of the hotel; Alvin Jemmot and Wanda Maynard from marketing and over lunch I learnt a bit more about the Divi brand as well as the new restaurant. Divi is definitely a family resort with activities and amenities such as mini golf, tennis, four swimming pools and a play park. The all suite hotel offers local rates ideal for a "staycations"

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Brooke Shields for MAC Cosmetics

I love M∙A∙C makeup and get excited every time new collection is announced and even more so when I get a Fed Ex package in the mail or when I visit M∙A∙C at Cave Shepherd and Limegrove in Barbados. The latest collection that I am crushing over is their collaboration with Brooke Shields. M∙A∙C partnered with Brooke Shields to create a limited-edition colour collection of shades and finishes chosen by Brooke herself, inspired by her own favourite looks for day and night – easy, modern and beautiful. This limited-edition Beauty Icon collection is made all the more special with Brooke’s signature embossed on light grey packaging with brilliant orange accents. I cannot wait to try some of the new products such as the Excite lipstick which is a bright orange red and the entire Gravita's eye shadow collection which is one of my favourite pieces from this collaboration. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Choosing the right rug for your space

I have been on the hunt recently for the perfect rug for my new homeA rug is a great way to add character and an element of coziness to a space and it is definitely one of my must haves in a living room. There are a couple factors to take into consideration when purchasing a rug and while I have been tempted to purchase one solely on appearance alone I have had to take a few things into consideration. See below my tips in choosing the right rug for your space and visit Archers Hall to see their many customisation options.