Friday, September 20, 2013

Off to the beach!

It has been a very busy week and I foresee a very busy weekend ahead also. I've been working on a couple different projects, in and out of meetings and preparing my new layout to  accommodate new advertisers on the blog. I've also been trying to figure out why my Twitter has been posting spam for the last two days - has this ever happened to anyone else? On a more positive note LDB has hit 150,000 views and I am very excited! I remember when it first hit 1,000, I could have never imagined then it would be where it is now. Thank you to everyone for your support over the years and for the huge response I have had in the past three months which has contributed to the growth in numbers. 

Even though I have a busy weekend ahead I'm adding one more thing to the list - Go to the beach! Happy weekend and lots of love ***