Monday, August 12, 2013

Polished Island Home by Phoebe Howard

Phoebe Howard is known for her fresh take on traditional style and her ability to consistently deliver timeless spaces. In this island home, she seamlessly blends tropical and coastal elements with traditional pieces creating a classy Island home which is nothing short of spectacular. Every room is perfection and though different in style the one common thread is the undeniable talent of Phoebe Howard and her execution of show stopping design. 

I personally love both tropical and coastal style and love that each room in this house has its own identity and style but everything is still cohesive. 

And of course no space would be complete without the intricate details. I am still drawn to the little things and styling goes a long way. 

Take a look at the overall rooms and you have no choice not to notice the carefully placed lamps, throw cushions and even fresh flowers and fruit. Nothing has been neglected from the scale of the furniture to the texture and pattern of the cushions to the groupings of interesting objects. Everything in this home by Phoebe Howard is perfection! 

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