Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bedroom Bliss

I usually have a schedule and prepare my posts ahead of time but today I woke up not feeling well and seeing as though I am still in bed I thought I would post about beds and bedrooms. I have posted about bedrooms numerous times before but never tire of them. Some of my favourite elements in a blissful master bedroom are 

1. Upholstered headboard: Upholstered headboards offer endless options by way of shape, size, upholstery fabric and detail. Upholstered headboards are a sure way to add glamour to any bedroom. 
2. Bed Benches : Both functional and pretty. I'm loving the lucite legs and tufting in the first two images.
3. Luxurious Fabric & Pillows: Sheets, Bedding and pillows are perhaps some of the most important elements in a master bedroom. I'm partial to crisp linens and a heavy duvet with lots of throw cushions. 
4. Lamps : Mix it up by using two different lamps or keep them the same for a more cohesive look. Remember scale is important when choosing a lamp not only for aesthetic reasons but if you plan to be reading in bed also. 

Overall the most important thing in a bedroom is comfort. I love the third image for it's coastal chic style and that bed with the comfy yet crisp white bedding and over abundance of throw cushions looks so inviting. The luxurious velvet bed bench and coastal details are also a plus! What are some of your favourite elements in a bedroom?