Friday, June 21, 2013

Island Bags Barbados

As promised I will be featuring a little more Barbados on the blog starting with a feature every Friday. This Friday I'm super excited to feature local brand; Island Bags. Island bags allows you to take a bit of Barbados wherever you go in the form of a chic clutch, available in two sizes or an equally stylish makeup case. I personally was thrilled with the bags when they came out in late 2012 because they combined two of my loves - handbags and Barbados! 

Large Clutch/ Ipad Case in Surfers Bay print. Photo by Andre Williams.

The bags truly are authentically "Bajan" in every aspect. Island Bags feature photo snapshots of different spots around the island, or artwork by local artists.  The company was created by Esther Hunte who not only designs the bags but also takes all of the photos printed on them and transfers the image to the fabric. After the transfer a local factory whom she works closely with then sew the bags for her. 

Island Bags now available in a variety of prints with new colourful zips.
Photo by Island Bags

Some of the prints available. 

Currently there are three bag sizes available in fourteen prints. Over the coming months, the line will expand to include a beach bag and fold over clutch. The bags are available online through Island Bags Facebook page or via email as well as at Dolly's and La Dolce Vita on the West Coast and Natz Home furnishings in Warrens.

Some of the bags on display at Natz Home Furnishings. Photo property of NAtz

Coinciding with this post Island Bags will be giving away a complimentary gift with every bag sold online while stocks last.  Head over to the Island Bags Facebook page to find out more.  Stay tuned for the story behind Island Bags and a peek into the all Barbadian production. Lots of love ***