Friday, June 7, 2013

Designer Profile: Jeffrey Alan Marks

I'm embarrassed to say that before my obsession with Million Dollar Decorators I did not know about Jeffrey Allan Marks or Mr. Ross Cassidy who might I mention deserves his own post. In season one JAM wowed us with the transformation of Hungry Cat and then in Season 2 satisfied the audience with back to back incredible spaces, my personal favourite being the project done with all catalogue items (minus a few splurges). Apart from being incredibly charming and talented on television JAM also found time to write a book titled Jeffrey Alan Marks :The Meaning of Home, the book is available for pre order on Amazon and will be out on September 13th of this year. And just incase being a cast member on MDD, Interior Designer and Author was not enough JAM can now add furniture designer to his resume. 

I'm currently crushing on his La Jolla Collection for Palecek. True to his  aesthetic the pieces are a marriage of clean lines and classic proportions. The pieces in his La Jolla collection maintain coastal authenticity but with their modern take they are both sophisticated and comfortable. While I cannot wait for MDD Season 3 I am enthused that I can still style stalk Jeffrey Alan Marks and Ross Cassidy on Pinterest as well as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. My only complaint for social media at the moment is that there is not a "like all" button for these two men as that would make my life a whole lot simpler! Stay tuned on the blog for a post on Mr. Ross Cassidy coming soon. Lots of Love ***