Monday, May 20, 2013

Tropical Living

Last week I revealed one of the features that you can expect on the blog - Coastal Chic. This week I will continue to give insights into the content, layout and design. Another feature you can expect is Tropical Living, thus keeping in line with my attempt to bring more "island" to the blog. The term tropical decor or design is one that I have always had an aversion to because it immediately brings to mind images of palm trees and monkeys on floor to ceiling drapes and dark heavy wicker furniture. Tropical decor however does not need to have such a cliche interpretation and sometimes palm leaves can be a good thing as illustrated in the space below. Cutting branches and haphazardly placing them in a vase is a cost effective way to bring both colour and natural elements inside. The space is contemporary in design but the colour and texture of the palm leaves introduce elements of tropical design in a less obvious way. For more tropical interior design ideas follow my Tropical Living board on pinterest. Lots of love ***