Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tropical Living Love

In keeping with this weeks theme of Tropical decor and tropically inspired spaces I am posting another tropical space. I first saw this kitchen on the pages of Coastal Living and instantly fell in love, I even blogged about it here and while usually I don't like to re post content this kitchen is definitely worthy. Some of my favourite elements are the white tile backsplash, dark cabinets, oversized basket weave lampshades and the abundance of natural light streaming in from outside. I also love the little details such as the grouping of baskets and the palm leaves on the counter. Stay tuned to LDB for tropical decor ideas and how you can bring this look into your home. For more tropical island decor or coastal living keep connected and stay inspired on pinterest. Lots of Love ***


  1. Such a gorgeous island kitchen!

  2. Thanks for the comments girls!

  3. gorgeous kitchen, obsessed with the lampshades!