Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Caribbean Chic. Decorating with Bougainvillea

Caribbean style is very diverse and can differ considerably in different islands depending on their heritage and influences. In some instances spaces are bright and vibrant where others tend to be more traditional with British colonial influences as seen here. I have an appreciation for both the bright colours and the richness and simplicity of white linens and dark mahogany. I personally love nothing more than a bright pop of colour against the white and bougainvillea is a perfect way to do this. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Caribbean Chic

As the time gets closer I become a little more frantic. Next week this time LDB will be relaunched with an all new look and all going well be at it's new home on its own domain. I have already revealed two of the regular features you can expect and this week will reveal another one. This week - Caribbean Interiors. When I think of Caribbean interiors I think of dark woods, white linens and lots of tropical plants. I love old British colonial style combined with Caribbean flair and these rooms by India Hicks perfectly exemplify that aesthetic. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Add some Tropical to your home!

Another addition to the new LDB will be more "How to's ". This week in keeping with our Tropical theme I'm going to give you a few tips on how to add some tropical to your home, whats even better all these ways are cost effective and some are even free! I know that not everyone has the luxury of living in Barbados but there are a few tricks that can make anyone's home feel a little more tropical. 

Tip 1. Bring plants inside: the more greenery you can add to your space the more summery and tropical it will feel. 
Tip 2. Introduce prints: the Caribbean is known for its patterns and prints and whether its something more chic like a blue and white scheme seen above or a modern take on palm trees introduce it into your space on throw cushions or an area rug. 
Tip 3. Bring colour in: both plants, rugs and throw cushions are a good way to do this. Other options - fresh flowers, switching out a lamp shade or a bright throw. 
Tip 4. Bring the beach home: Save treasures from your vacations or visits to the beach. Collect shells, sea fans, coral even rocks and show them off. You can display them in apothecary jars, vases, bowls or if you are feeling creative take an hour or two get a glue gun and stick the shells to a picture frame or mirror. 

Hope these tropical decorating ideas have been useful. Stay tuned for more ideas on how to add some more tropical to your home! Lots of Love *** 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tropical Living Love

In keeping with this weeks theme of Tropical decor and tropically inspired spaces I am posting another tropical space. I first saw this kitchen on the pages of Coastal Living and instantly fell in love, I even blogged about it here and while usually I don't like to re post content this kitchen is definitely worthy. Some of my favourite elements are the white tile backsplash, dark cabinets, oversized basket weave lampshades and the abundance of natural light streaming in from outside. I also love the little details such as the grouping of baskets and the palm leaves on the counter. Stay tuned to LDB for tropical decor ideas and how you can bring this look into your home. For more tropical island decor or coastal living keep connected and stay inspired on pinterest. Lots of Love ***

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tropical Living

Last week I revealed one of the features that you can expect on the blog - Coastal Chic. This week I will continue to give insights into the content, layout and design. Another feature you can expect is Tropical Living, thus keeping in line with my attempt to bring more "island" to the blog. The term tropical decor or design is one that I have always had an aversion to because it immediately brings to mind images of palm trees and monkeys on floor to ceiling drapes and dark heavy wicker furniture. Tropical decor however does not need to have such a cliche interpretation and sometimes palm leaves can be a good thing as illustrated in the space below. Cutting branches and haphazardly placing them in a vase is a cost effective way to bring both colour and natural elements inside. The space is contemporary in design but the colour and texture of the palm leaves introduce elements of tropical design in a less obvious way. For more tropical interior design ideas follow my Tropical Living board on pinterest. Lots of love ***

Friday, May 17, 2013

Coastal Chic

As promised I will be updating Love Design Barbados three times a week until the launch in June with updates and sneak peeks. This week the hints were to indicate one of the weekly features that you can expect. Coastal Chic is a combination of coastal elements with chic interpretations. The colour scheme and overall feel are the same as what I am hoping to accomplish in the new design of my blog. This space is a perfect indication of coastal chic. The colour scheme when paired with the eclectic choice of accessories, textures and furniture brings the room together in an undeniably coastal yet classic space. For more coastal home decor inspiration visit my Coastal Decor board on pinterest. Lots of Love *** 

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Genius Driftwood

As promised I will be posting little updates throughout the week on the progress of the re launch of Love Design Barbados. Until the relaunch I will be posting snippets of upcoming posts, details of the bigger picture and the same inspiring images of interiors that you have come to expect from Love Design. Below are another two elements that will reveal on Friday one of the weekly features starting in June - isn't that driftwood handrail genius?  As June approaches you will observe more Barbadian elements as mentioned before. Don't forget you can keep up to date on any of my other social media outlets as seen in the side bar. Happy Wednesday and lots of love *** 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Natural & Textural

Love Design Barbados will be making a comeback! The blog is under construction and due to launch next month! LDB will have a whole new look and  have distinctively Barbadian elements. You can expect to see more Barbadian properties, architecture and interior designers. I have included a sneak peek below of two elements - natural coral and textural jute rugs which are small indications of what you can expect. I will post two more clues throughout the week which will eventually reveal one of the features that you can look forward to on the new and improved LDB blog. You can keep up to date through all of my social media outlets (see sidebar for links) or by visiting the About me and Love Design page on the blog. Lots of Love ***