Friday, June 8, 2012


This is an exciting post for me because not only is it about my island that I love so much but also a new and exciting company started by two very inspiring ladies. I honestly am blown away by their website and blog and have lost myself many times exploring Barbados through these two.

Loop Barbados is a {locally made and maintained} online travel information site and social network for those who have traveled and are yet to travel to the intriguing island of Barbados.The mission of Loop Barbados is to be the best online Barbadian travel resource available. Through creativity, originality and simplicity, they allow you to effortlessly gather informative details on Barbados while fully embracing the alluring experience.

To win the trip to Barbados you must do BOTH of the following:
“Like” Loop Barbados’s facebook page where they will announce the winner 
Register with Loop Barbados’ social network here.
For extra chances to win:
               Follow Loop Barbados on Google Plus 
               Follow Loop Barbados on Pinterest
               Follow Loop Barbados on Twitter
               Follow Loop Barbados on Instagram  - loopbarbados
Each follow is an additional entry!

Please note
The giveaway only becomes activated when Loop has received 10,000 members registered with Loop Barbados. Therefore share & tweet this as much as possible! After they have received the 10,000 members the more members they get the longer the vacation is.

For all of the details visit here