Friday, April 20, 2012

Inspiring Ladies

Love Design* has been lacking consistent posts recently because I have been in a funk and feeling anything but inspired, which is hard to believe when there are so many inspiring individuals around the place and Pinterest is brimming with inspiration, but it's true. Over the weekend I spent an amazing weekend at my uncle's house; Belair Great House and one of these inspiring individuals came to visit. It seems just talking to her was what I needed to remember why I love what I do and after our conversation I was eager to get back in the office and back to work. This week has been hectic and I've been working on different blogs for next week and I was scheduled today to blog about the incredibly talented Crystal Gentilello but in the process of doing research I kept coming across some very inspiring ladies. I cannot possibly list all today because then this post would be even longer than it already is but I will take you through my little chain of events and a few of the inspiring ladies that brought me here today. 

I went onto the Everygirl (my new favourite obsession) and saw an article about Crystal Gentilello which caused me to check out her new website and fall in love with every single room she designed and styled. I then went back to the Everygirl and re read an article about my very favourite Decorista; Ashlina Kaposta. After this I checked out images on Pinterest and was brought right back to the Everygirl who had featured Taylor Sterling of the Glitter Guide. I then decided to read more about the founders of the amazing Everygirl; Alaina and Danielle

Crystal Gentilello via
Ashlina Kaposta via
Taylor Sterling via
Alaina & Danielle via

It wouldn't be fair not to mention the inspiring lady that prompted me to get back to work so I want to thank Kimberly from Loop Barbados and also mention her very talented co founder Melanie. Make sure to check out their new website here for a chance to WIN a FREE trip to Barbados. (more on this next week!) 
Kimberly via
Melanie via 

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