Thursday, March 15, 2012

What makes you happy? * Stephi Leigh

I have been a very naughty blogger the last week or two but I am not entirely to blame as my new apartment does not yet have internet. At the moment I'm at a coffee shop picking up free wifi and enjoying a cappuccino:) I am as always excited for this and to feature super talented musician Stephi Leigh! Stephi Leigh describes herself as "a regular girl, born and raised on a dairy farm in sunny Barbados". Stephi comes from a musical family but she only started singing seriously when she was sixteen and she says, "In a short while it’s consumed my life and become my career dream to be an internationally signed professional singer and songwriter". If you haven't already heard her stunning voice take a minute and visit her facebook page and I promise you will lose yourself in her music. You can also keep up to date by following on twitter.

What makes me happy:
1. The beach: How could Bim’s white sand, crystal turquoise water, and sunshine not make you happy? 
2. ‘Baby’ anything: Puppies (ESPECIALLY French bulldog puppies), pigmy hedgehogs, babies laughing.. I spend hours watching videos of these things on YouTube. I am obsessed and in love.
3. My friends and family: I have the best in the world (really) and they keep a smile on my face.  
4. Art: Love anything to do with it. I danced since I was little, have always loved singing, art, writing songs, acting, design, beautiful things.
5. Rain: Rain just makes everything cozy, snuggly and that much better.
6. Disney movies: Never, ever fail to make me feel better. My siblings and I watched one every single day as kids. 
7. Little addictions: Gum (one thing I never share), my Body Shop strawberry lip balm (I keep about 5 around at a time), anything pastry.
8. Music: Doesn’t matter the type – if it can make me cry, remember, forget, smile, or dance: I love it.
9. A good book: When I get into one, it’s no sleep, nothing at all - I’m in a totally different world until the last page. 
10. Laughing: The Ellen Show, SNL, movies that make me laugh-out-loud - anything that makes me laugh makes me happy!

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