Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What makes you happy? *the ruffled lace

I have to admit one thing that makes me happy is this feature and every time I receive a "what makes me happy" in my inbox it puts a smile on my face to see what makes you happy. Some things are unexpected and others I think to myself, "thats a good one!" I am excited to share this one of fellow Bajan blogger - Ally Lewis at the ruffled lace. Ally is an art history student at university in Canada and loves art, fashion, food and decor. She describes her blog as "the digital diary of my life documenting photos, recipes and all things beautiful" and I couldn't agree more! 

1. first thing that makes me happy is a quilted chanel bag. it is and forever shall be the most classic bag. it literally gives me butterflies.
2. i absolutely adore gold and turquoise. together or on its own it is the type of jewelry that really floats my boat.
3. white decor always make me feel at peace. i love white couches, kitchens and beds are simply serene.
4. pink kitchen accessories are too cute not to make any girly girl giggle. this kettle, in particular, is pretty special.
5. cheese boards. when i see a cheeseboard at a cocktail party or on a dessert menu i instantly get excited. it is one of my favourite things.
6. diet coke is the beverage that has forever made me smile. so yummy.
7. every time i see a toggle coat i cannot help but stare. i love every bit of them especially the mustard yellow one that hangs in my cupboard.
8. if you read my blog you will already know that i am completely 100% in love with english bulldogs. when i am down and need a smile, i look at youtube videos of bulldog puppies and it instantly puts a smile on my face. can't get enough of them.
9. cat eye shades are always something i am looking for. they have such a great shape and always brighten up an outfit.
10. finally i love photography. i may not be much of a photographer myself but since blogging i love looking at photos. they make me quite happy. 

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