Thursday, February 16, 2012

Small Space Style

When I get back to Barbados I move straight into a new (super duper tiny) apartment. It is in a fantastic location, safe building and has a newly remodelled kitchen which is so beautiful. The only downfall is that it is super small but the pros far out way the size and it just challenges me to get a little creative. I've been searching the internet for small space solutions and come across these very stylish small spaces. I also came across a blog dedicated to small spaces called Small Space Style which is packed full of inspiration and great ideas. Another great resource is HGTV who have numerous articles and ideas on small space living here.

On my wish list for my new apartment -
1. a HUGE mirror to open up the space
2. Lots of baskets for storage
3. a Futon or day bed which can serve dual purpose
4. Chic lamps to provide cozy lighting

All images via Pinterest, to see more small space solutions and interior decor follow lovedesignbdos.